Testing & Deployment Services

With the ever growing number of devices and platforms that need to be supported, coupled with diverse software and hardware configurations and communications intricacies, requires quality assurance strategies that are unique in nature. Mobile is different, in line with that mobile testing is also different, and presents a different set of challenges. Creospan’s view about testing in the mobile environment is to complement the current testing strategies in place today for a traditional desktop environment with a process that takes into account the different challenges and constraints related to software development and testing in a mobile environment. Creospan has a well thought-out testing and quality assurance framework that supports of the end-user experience and system integration across the fragmented market of mobile devices. Our services include:

  • Testing Strategy
  • Tools & Framework selection
  • Manual testing with emulators and various devices
  • Functional, Load, Application Testing
  • Usability/UI Responsiveness
  • Database, Security, Battery Power Mgmt., memory management
  • Performance Optimization
  • Field testing:
    • Testing at various bandwidths
    • OSs, platform, devices
    • Device power consumption
  • New OS compliance and testing