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mobile & web applications

We can rock in native or roll with HTML5!

Enterprise Productivity

What we do in the Mobile apps world won’t be featured on the App Store or written about as the Cool App of the Week on a blog. We build applications that drive businesses, make employees more productive, allows for faster decisions, reduce process related costs, enhance communication, and connect customers back to the enterprise in a whole different way that was not possible before. Our recognition comes from our customers when they deploy our work to their employee base and see improvements that they desired. We understand what it takes to work with diverse enterprise technologies and how to bring engaging experiences to a business application that people thought was not possible. We can design a good experience on the frontend, but we also understand the challenges involved with integrating and optimizing complex backend systems to drive the simple and fast front-end experience.

Our Services

Our integrated service offering allows an organization to count on a partner that walks them through idea conception to development and deployment.


It all starts with an idea. How to improve? How to cut cost? How to innovate? Our job is to take that idea or a problem forward and try to solve with blend of compelling process improvements and innovative technology based solutions. Read more>


The mobile environment presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities, compared to a desktop environment. The smaller form factor, the touch interface, dependency on wireless bandwidth and limited computational power requires a different technical in architecting, high-availability, responsive software. Read more>


Mobile offers a blank canvas where an organization can really focus on user experience (UX) the way it always had intended to. Mobile presents new ways of interacting with content and services in a much more personalized way, instead of just extending the desktop experience. Read more>


With the ever growing number of devices and platforms that need to be supported, coupled with diverse software and hardware configurations and communications intricacies, requires quality assurance strategies that are unique in nature. Read more>