Big Data/Analytics


Big Data and Analytics Services

The proliferation of connected devices and real-time expectations of information has driven all organizations to review their information very closely to draw insights that helps them make faster-more informed-decisions, grow their business and meet customer demands; and uncover foresights that will help them tackle challenges of tomorrow. Our services are focused on leveraging our experience to assist customers generate actionable insights from their big data initiatives.

Our Focus

  • Analysis & Recommendation
  • Data Organization
  • Data Visualization
  • Architecture
  • Data Science
  • Implementation/Integration
  • Data Migration

Expertise & Services

  • Business Case and Project Reviews
  • Platform, Infrastructure Reviews
  • PoCs, Infrastructure, Installation, Administration, Implementation
  • Security Reviews and Implementations
  • Performance Analysis, Tuning
  • Architectural Assessments
  • Platform and Application Development
  • Machine Learning and Data Analysis