Site Acq Services

Creospan’s site acquisition and development experience ranges from site acquisition and zoning to construction throughout the Midwest, East Coast, and as far west as Nevada. Creospan has gained knowledge and expertise in a variety of diverse markets. Over the past several years Creospan has demonstrated its abilities on numerous projects. Our Services include:

  • Site acquisition – both green field and colocation
  • Site audits and complete inventories
  • Leasing negotiations and modifications
  • Lease entitlements reviews
  • Colocation applications/amendments
  • Zoning – including zoning hearings
  • Surveying
  • Architectural & Engineering
  • Fiber Backhaul Services
  • Construction drawings
  • Easement
  • Regulatory (NEPA, FAA, FCC)
  • Permitting
Creospan’s Site Acquisition services are customized to meet each customer’s unique needs and requirements, drawing on many years of industry experience across various geographies. Our specialists have extensive background; this, coupled with our ability to adapt based on different obstacles each site presents, sets our solutions apart from the competition.
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