RF Engineering

RF Engineering services include:

RF Network Design

  • Green field or colocation deployment designs
  • Network additions and/or modifications
  • Link budget creation
  • Planning tool model optimization
  • Network coverage modeling

RF Network Performance Optimization

  • Drive testing, data collection and analysis
  • Networks statistics / KPI analysis
  • Parameter scrubs
  • Modification recommendations

RF Testing

  • CW Testing – for model tuning or pre-design coverage verification
  • Drive testing, data collection and analysis
  • Pre-design coverage measurements / testing
  • Post-design coverage measurements / testing
  • Interference testing
  • PIM (passive intermodulation) testing

DAS Engineering

Full custom turn-key deployments, including design, benchmarking, testing, installation, commissioning, and optimization. Our team is very experienced and fully certified (where available) by all of the major OEMs, as well as highly proficient with the iBwave design tool, including propagation model tuning.

IDAS (Indoor)

Hotels, casinos, office buildings, convention centers, sports complexes, hospitals, airports, manufacturing facilities, train stations.

ODAS (Outdoor)

School campuses, business parks, small communities, stadiums, downtown/business districts, parks and recreation areas.

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