About Creospan

Founded in 1999, Creospan, Inc. (Cyberbridge International d/b/a Creospan, Inc.) is an Information Technology & Network Engineering Consultancy, based out of Schaumburg, IL, that assists organization in evaluating & building technology based solutions. From customized software development to mobile applications, to Telecom specific engineering services, Creospan provides consulting, staffing, and turn-key projects and system integration services to our clients, who range from industry behemoths to small-innovative organizations. We take the current needs of our clients and use cutting-edge information and today’s innovations to provide value-driven solution through technological advancements, industry best practices and first-hand experience. A successful and growing organization, Creospan, services clients with mix of strategy, architecture, design, engineering/development and testing services.


One of Creospan’s main differentiating factors is the range of diversity that represents our company. Creospan has a highly diverse workforce consisting of staff from many nations representing diverse background that enriches our culture. Creospan itself is a diverse enterprise, Creospan is a woman owned minority business enterprise (WMBE). We are recognized and certified by the following organizations:

  • NMSDC: Minority Business Enterprise
  • WBENC: Woman Business Enterprise
  • CPUC: Minority Business Enterprise
  • City of Chicago: Minority Business Enterprise
  • Cook County: Woman Business Enterprise & Minority Business Enterprise

Why Engage Us

Client-focused, efficient, culturally-diverse, and knowledgeable

Whether it’s restructuring an existing IT environment, task oriented project management, temporary staffing augmentation, or even off-shore development, our focus remains solely on the clients. We make sure their investment brings optimum return. We strive to achieve maximum utilization and effectiveness in every aspect of technology and business. Creospan has the business acumen and technical expertise to help our clients through the entire lifecycle of your technology. We work with our customers’ cultural realities, and communicate in their language. The divergence between technology functions and business goals does not have to exist. Rather, technology management is the medium in which to achieve the company’s business objectives. Through our solutions framework, customers can transform their organization, realizing the limitless potential for long-term prosperity.

Value Proposition


Ability to adapt to client’s current processes and culture, with clear communication. We will recommend and suggest improvements supporting current business processes.

Partnership Orientation

All engagements are executed as a partner; we will become an extension of your project development team. Close communication and special account management methodology will ensure all team resources are meeting expectations with mutual success.

Ability to Scale

Our pipeline of experienced talent pool has the ability to be easily scaled-up or down to meet spikes in different development and testing cycles.

Quality Focus

QA Engineers provide a robust step by step process to all phases of pre and post development, including the life cycle of technology-oriented projects, feasibility studies, implementation, and documentation.

Seamless Process

With dedicated professionals, we ensure a seamless experience, starting with the requirements, gathering information, to post-engagement services.

Bottom-Line Savings

Because one of our goals is to help our clients maximize their ROI, we guarantee competitive pricing without compromising quality.